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5 Ways to Create Magic in Interior Designing with Mirrors

Mirror magic is not new to interior designing, but the changing trends have witnessed distinguished uses of mirrors in home designing. Mirrors have remained the designing tool since ancient times. Even the royal palaces were adorned with artistic mirrors on walls. Designers have explored many other uses of mirrors in designing and hence, they are not just meant for decoration any more. Mirrors can create magic in the room if placed on the right wall or the right corner of the room. Here are few amazing uses of mirror that can make your home look roomy and modern!

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  1. Mirror in the entry

This is definitely a very old way to use the mirror. The idea here is to add space to the entrance lobby and also to reflect the natural light coming from the entrance door. Apart from this, the strategically placed mirror in the entry would also allow you to keep an eye on the entrance door. It would help you see who is entering the house. The mirror in entry redefines the entire entry way by adding the style statement. You can use the huge mirror with decorative frame.

  1. Mirror behind the chest of drawers

If you are struggling with space in the room, then mirror would be the best thing to opt for! Placing mirror behind the chest of drawers would give an impression of having huge space behind this bulky piece of furniture. You can use chest of drawers to store the knickknacks and to place the decorative artifacts or flowers on the top.

  1. Mirror on living room wall

Mirrors are no more available in just few simple geometrical shapes. The artists have worked on the mirror design as well. Special cuts on the mirror, bold frame, antique casing and so many other things together make mirror a focal point of the room. Placing the mirrors opposite to windows in living room would create an impression of spacious room and also give window like effect on plain wall. This would be the best way to bring in green from nature into your room.

  1. Mirrors create statement

Some interior designers use mirrors to create statement. Placing a big mirror on the wall of narrow room would create a dramatic effect. Similarly, grouping few different types of mirrors on the wall would make these walls look artistic and well-designed. Shop for the mirrors that can easily replace art works on the wall. Such artistic mirrors would add space, light and uniqueness to the wall.

  1. Mirrors reflecting gardens

If you have garden in front of your house or you have your designer terrace garden, then placing the mirror on the wall opposite to the garden would be the perfect idea. You will be bringing your favorite plants in your home virtually with such garden reflecting mirrors. You can place a narrow mirror behind the entire length of your dining table and place plants on the other side to get the feel of eating in natural surroundings.

Mirrors can add that extra tint to every room in your house. All you need to do is the right placement and appropriate selection of shape, size and frame to see your home décor transform from ordinary to extra-ordinary in your budget.

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