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5 Quick Tips To Taking Care of Your Body Hair

Your body hair can be annoying and unsanitary even if not taken care of properly. Not that the weather is starting to warm up, and we are coming out of hibernation, it is almost time to “de-hair.”

However, when it comes to hair removal, there are a lot of options and none of them simple.

Razing, waxing, plucking…it all comes with its painful sacrifices. And when it comes to the bikini line or public area, that pain can be impossible! Grooming genital area with pubic hair trimmer can be a terrible experience, if not approached correctly!

Here are some of the best tips we can give you to maintain your body hair during the coming warm season.


As long as you have the right razor, shaving can be a great option. First, so as not to ruin your blade, you should trim your hairs shorter before shaving it off.

If you have heard that shaving your hair only makes it grow back thicker, this is actually a total myth! Believe it or not, the real reason as to why some think their hair is thicker after shaving is because the ends of the hair follicle are a bit more blunt.

Understandingly, as a result, these hairs give the air of being “thicker.”

Common mistakes made while shaving

Shaving “down there” needs to be done properly. Otherwise, you could end up in an itchy, messy disaster.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is shaving RIGHT as they get into the shower. This is not the best idea because the skin needs time to properly soften in order to decrease the risk of irritation.

In addition, using an old razor is always a bad idea. When you are shaving down there, you are dealing with a very sensitive area of the body, with very coarse hair. Do yourself a favor and use a new, our high-quality razor each and every time.

Lastly, when you are done make sure to put the right type of underwear on. You’ll want 100% cotton as it doesn’t rub against the skin and cause irritation. It gives your skin breathing room and the chance to recover.

Grooming genital area with pubic hair trimmer is also a great method to approach hair removal.

Laser Treatment

If you do end up getting tired of shaving you can always take the electrologist route. They use a process using metal probes in order to stop each individual follicle from producing hair, FOREVER.

Laser treatment is also called photo epilation and while slightly painful, the perpetual benefits can outweigh the pain.

Plucking and Waxing

Taking the hair right from the root is the middle ground between shaving and laser treatment. Plucking, and taking the hair from the root can have longer lasting results, while still not totally permanent.

Get rid of your hair! 

In conclusion, there are so many ways to approach hair removal but it all depends on the individual.

If you want to read some more ways to take care of your hair down there, click here for tips, tricks, and tools you can use!

Happy hair removal.

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