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5 Ideas to Stay Away from Germs in the Office

We have all had our germophobic moments at some point in our lives. Some of us experience them more than others. This part of us mostly comes out around strangers or people who we know are not hygienically sound. Take the office environment. We have to use the same stationery as fifty other people on the same floor. We have to greet them by shaking their hands otherwise it’s rude; even if it’s that one guy who you know never washes his hands after using the toilet. There are two ways to get rid of this problem, either become a social pariah or take measures to stay away from these little critters.

Keep sanitizer on you

Sanitizers are no heavy investment. To steer clear of germs in your office environment, the simplest way is to carry a sanitizer in your pocket and use it from time to time, for example before eating your lunch or after greeting that guy. You can buy a small bottle that fits in your pocket or a larger one for your desk or even both, for moments when you are on your desk and when you are not.

Use napkins where possible

Another item you should become habitual of keeping on you at all times is a napkin. Use it to clean your desk surface after having a snack or if you spill ink or any such thing. A napkin can be used to open door knobs and using printers if your germophobe moment count is higher than most people.

Stock up on personal cleaning supplies

It is a safe bet to keep cleaning supplies like a small vacuum cleaner in your drawer for picking up debris and cleaning up spills from your morning coffee. A surface shiner is also of considerable use in an office environment and maybe gloves and an air freshener for when you have more time to tidy up your personal space. Of course, all these items best include anti-bacterial properties to ensure that germs stay away along with the dirt!

Let that guy know…

At the risk of sounding rude or inconsiderate, try to politely ask people at your workplace who do not care for their hygiene to start doing so. Include subtle hints on how one should wash their hands with soap after using the loo, or how one should not touch the Xerox machine with donut frosting on their hands. Or if that is too much, maybe just avoid shaking their hands or clean up the Xerox machine after it has been used by them.

Showers are your best friends

Despite of whatever measures you may take, office environments will always be full of germs from people you may or may not know. You yourself harbor many germs, so you’re no less a contributor to the dirt. Hence, always go home and take a shower, possibly with antibacterial soap. It cleanses both, your mind and body from germs.

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