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5 DIY Projects to Increase Home Value

Real estate experts will advise you to invest in enhancing the curbside appeal of your home before putting it into the market. It goes a very long way in:

  • Increasing the chances of getting a better price for your property.
  • Speeding up the process of selling your home.
  • Attracting the right kind of buyers for your property as well.

So if you are going around looking for signs that say “we buy houses”, you could also undertake DIY projects that can help you increase the value of your home.


Paint and wallpaper

This is one of the easiest ways in which you can spruce up the walls of your house. Choose a wallpaper that goes along with the rest of your décor and you will find that you add a touch of glamor and interest to almost any room that you have in mind. Experiment a little:

  • You can choose unusual color combinations.
  • Stencil your wall rather than plaster them with conventional wallpaper.
  • Create accent walls in each room.

Go in for a bright color for your door and watch your home getting envious glances from everybody.

Your kitchen

This is one of the most important areas when it comes to increasing home value simply because it needs to be neat and clean and functional. Today, the trend is all about spacious kitchens and modern equipment. Take a look at your kitchen and find out whether you can:

  • Replace a wall with a counter in order to make it an open kitchen plan.
  • Invest in good quality gadgets that can help not only in food preparation but also in making your counter look good.

Bathroom renovation

Depending on your budget, you can treat this project as intensively as necessary. Sometimes it is enough to just replace old or broken or stained fixtures and go in for something sleek and trendy. Sometimes, you may have to replace all the tiles of the bathroom and replace wallpaper as well. A lot would depend on the extent to which you want to remodel your home but it is a good idea to approach this with a critical eye so that you can enjoy the end results even more.

Invest in storage space

There are many areas in your house which will benefit greatly with smart and functional storage solutions. So, take a look at the following areas and then invest in shelves, cupboards, wardrobes and so on:

  • The laundry room.
  • Clothes shelves.
  • Kitchen storage.
  • Garages etc.

Also, you can think of repainting storage spacesand even replace handles and so on.

 Changing your lighting systems

More often than not, it is simply a question of changing the bulb that you use or even the lamp shade above or around the light fixture. Try and go into something that suits the rest of the décor of them and enjoy a good looking and modern space in an instant. There are so many fabulously creative solutions and fixtures that you are sure to find something that looks good and fits your pocket as well.


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