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3 Reasons Why It’s a Total Turn Off If Your Man Uses Male Enhancement

As much as 1 in 2 men, according to studies, wouldn’t mind and would really go the limit to have a bigger manhood. Going the limit, of course, entails relying on enhancement pills and procedures to achieve the size that they want. Furthermore, many men take male enhancement pills to boost their overall sexual experience by increasing their stamina and libido.

These details completely go against the already proven fact that most women couldn’t care less about a man’s penis size. Most men who take these pills and subject themselves to these risky procedures have a rather narrow point of view of as well. They don’t consider and even refuse outright acknowledge what their partner feels and thinks about what they’re doing. That being said, the following are reasons why men who rely on male enhancement are such turn-offs for most women.

  1. It Belies a Complete Lack of Self-Confidence

And many women actually place confidence at the forefront when it comes to sexual attraction. What, after all, could a woman possibly find alluring in a man who feels that he is insufficient in the sexual department? Men have a false notion that enhancement would raise their self-esteem and masculinity’.

In short, the bigger, the better. The irony is that most women are fine with penis sizes that are usually deemed as average’. Some actually even have reservations when they encounter penises that are just too large’.

  1. It Reeks of Toxic Masculinity

The mere fact that your man is prioritizing the physical aspect of his penis goes to show how little regard he has about the emotional side of your relationship. Some men even use the shallow reason that they’re doing it for their partners. If your partner condones sexual enhancement techniques, he is simply lending (however indirectly or unconsciously) to the egregious image of toxic masculinity in men.

It gives him an unhealthy image of being sexually-inclined and aggressive and a preoccupation to how every aspect of his physical being (with an emphasis on genitalia) looks. Furthermore, it breeds competition between partners instead of cooperation, which is never a good thing as far as a healthy relationship is concerned.

  1. They Prefer to Keep it A Secret

One common denominator when it comes to men taking any kind of male enhancement supplement is that they tend to not tell their partners and spouses about it, according to Brad Reviews user feedback. This is a big mistake as a lot of women who have reported about their discovery have expressed their dismay about such inconspicuous actions. Besides the shroud of doubt that it places on a relationship, discovering that your spouse has size insecurities would certainly inflict a massive blow on your perception of him. More often than not, this can become a source of tension in the relationship if you both don’t take the time to discuss it directly.

In the end, constant communication with each other, a good awareness of your individual needs, and the genuine desire to provide pleasure and intimacy are what counts in establishing and strengthening more meaningful sexual relationships. Finally, it’s important to also acknowledge that sex is not so much about one’s genitals as one’s brains.

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