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14 Other Ways of Showing Kids That Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Seeing your kid’s stuff toys scattering on the corner, their tractor toys on the other side and their balls on the opposite corner will be just as stressful as the to-do-list you are carrying at hand, especially if it’s your first time handling children- it could be fairly daunting. As parents, teaching your kids on how to take care of their belongings is part of their discipline for self-autonomy. Most parents connote discipline as a negative way of showing their child’s the basic of toy organization, but did you know that discipline means teaching and showing. It’s not something done by yelling around, telling your kids, “No!” over and over again. Discipline does not work like that.

Positive discipline involves taking your child by the hand and show him/her exactly the right thing to do. Just keep in mind that they will not be remembering what you taught them just by telling them once. After speaking to them, that is not good to play with the telephone; you can’t expect that they won’t play with them the next day. Kids consumed by curiousness, they perform what it’s on their brain and believe me, they just want to be heard and do the things that their brains tell them to do.

They are full of energy, so you can’t hush them and send them to bed when their brains are at play. If they want to spend time exploring their toys but can’t store them properly after. All, it takes is your patience to show them how to do it, don’t forget that as you show them, you tell them the importance of organizing their toys. As parents, you also have to take charge in helping your kid’s in organizing their toys; it’s not merely just about them. But it involves you as their first teachers. The following are some of the finest tips that we have gathered when it comes to keeping toys nice and neat. We do hope; you’ll find each and every tip helpful.

Focus on quality over quantity

A lot of parents give in when their kid’s cry in the middle of the store over some toy when in fact, they have just been bought a new one the previous day. The tip: Don’t give in to your child’s tantrums. You can help them forget about the idea by telling them, “Yes, you can have it honey when your other toy was broken” or “We’ll buy it next time, honey. For now, let’s just get you some refreshing, colorful fruit!” On the other hand, let’s say it’s your first time parenting and you give in, there’s a huge possibility that your kid will do the same thing again and again.

You also have to face that when your kids have too many toys, it will distract them from the truly important lessons in life like bonding with their other sibling or talking to their parents. There’s also need to focus on the quality or the artistry and the playability of the toy. Instead of putting too much of your energy proving them hundreds of toys, focus on what the toy can bring to your child.

 Avoid duplicate toys

Moms just can’t stop going over their budget, just to provide the toys that their children want. Little did they know, that they are unconsciously spoiling their kids in regards to this matter. Of course, we care about the future of our children, and you are quite sure that you don’t want them to grow up and depend on you. Their whole life and live in the idea that as long as their parents are around, they can have what they want- as long as they speak of them. That’s an unhealthy idea for your kids to grow in. Instead, show your children the true value of life lessons of sharing, cooperation, and generosity. They will thank you later when they grow up.

Create A Daily Calendar

Keeping their toys nice and neat can be reinforced by creating a daily calendar list for their activities. This will give your child an idea that their life structured aside from the arranged stuff they have to face when they go to school. This shall help them realize the huge importance of organization. By using this tip, you will surely notice that your kids are starting to understand the importance of keeping their toys in a particular space. Make a list of the activities that your child hast to attend or hast to do each and don’t forget to check it every morning. This is one effective tip that every parent loves, and they found it highly effective.

Be Prepared

Whether they are going to camp, visit their Grandma’s house or have to visit their cousin’s summer villa, the best thing you can help them is join them in preparing the stuff. The clothes and the toys the want to bring along and don’t forget to remind them some safety tips the night before you go to the venue. This gives them enough space to think about things and act like you told them so.

Find a local toy library

Toys can’t only be purchased, but can also borrow. Go ahead and let your kids experience the value of sharing and borrowing. Sometimes, the wise choices and valuable lessons are not just about buying them when they told you so, but teaching them how to feel when they shared with the toys that they can borrow and play.

Set a confined, physical space for toys

Kids Storage Bins can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating physical space for your children to keep their toys. These so-called toy organizer bins help your children to understand the underlying principle that it’s better to keep their toys nice and neat, so they can find them easily and play with them after that. Don’t forget to teach them, what to put first and where their toys fit.

Learn from your kids

In some other aspect, your kids can teach you about life. While you have the idea that you should show your kids how to live the so-called thing life, in some angles, you just have to take a long deep breath and have fun under the sun. Kids often speak what they have in mind, as we grow older we learn to keep things and follow what our parents told us to do whether a course to take the car to buy, or house to purchase. Our kids symbolize to follow and pursue what’s in our hearts. Now, this is something older people should learn. If you find it overtly stressful shouting at your kids to stop playing under the sun or in the mud, why not join them? Who knows, you’ll find your inner peace and find your young years coming in as you do what your kids love to do.

Watch less television

Media ads and tv series can feed your children thoughts that they don’t have to learn. These are big contributing factors in shaping your kid’s minds too, so as a parent, you must encourage your kids to watch less television and spend more time feeling themselves and filling their hearts with joy- having joy without material wealth is always possible. All it takes is for the parents to lead.

Keep fewer toys

Refrain from teaching your children that toys can bring them happiness. If possible provide them quality and fewer toys, this will help them to understand that they are who they are and the things that they have, have nothing to do with who they are. This may take time for them to digest, but it’s always worth the effort.

Equip your children to make wise choices

By involving your children in the decision-making process will make them productive adults in the future. Start by asking them which toys they want to keep and which one should they donate to less fortunate kids. This will help them accept the idea that they can’t keep things forever and that they have to make wise choices even if it’s the toughest decision they will ever make. After all, we know that you have also wished your parents have taught you this, so you’ll always be calm even in most critical situations.

Pressuring your child is not a bad thing at all- of course in right cases. Kids loved when they offered choices, but that can give them the idea that leaving in their comfort zones are fine. Sometimes, they have to go out, that’s how they grow. When you feel like they are at the right age to make decisions. Just remember that diamonds don’t become what they are without pressure.

Teach them to value other activities

Give them the idea that their world does not evolve in toys alone, expand their mind by introducing them to new activities that do not involve toys. This will aid them to understand that it’s not trying which can bring joy, but the moment they spend their time with. Having a short jog in nature, playing hide and seek, and reading a book would be great for you and for your kids to create some bonding moments. This helps in creating a strong relationship between the two. With they set their minds on other things, they will ask for fewer toys, and fewer toys mean easy to organize.

Offer them choices that are both acceptable to you

This scenario is the same as saying as, “What do you want the apple fruit or the orange fruit?” Both are acceptable to you, and at the same time, you are offering choices for your kids to choose from. In organizing their toys, you can ask them, “Should we put your teddy or your car here?” They would enjoy doing it since you are giving them choices. It gives them the idea that putting their toys back to the cabinet can be fun.

Involve them some cleaning activities

If your kids are at the right age to do some simple and easy household chores, feel free to involve them. This will get the gist that by sweeping the floor, cleaning the desk, and watering the plants will keep the house well-groomed. They will apply the same to their room; they will keep things tidy and neat. Just don’t buy the idea of giving them heavy tasks, since they can’t just handle that. Asking them to do simple cleaning is fine. Just add it on their daily calendar events, but don’t forget to indulge them in some playing activities.

Take them malls or nearby stores

Stroll as you shop with your kids and ask them, what they think about the store. Most likely they will answer you that the mall filled with different products. The best question you can ask is, “Are the stuff here clean to look at or not?” Of course, they will answer you, “clean.”

Then, ask them about what they have noticed on the canned goods and other products in the store. They will answer you that, “They are well-organized and the put the same products with same sizes together.” This will teach the same principle when they are handling care with their belongings. This is one yet effective tip that parents find amusing, which have helped their children to grow smart and wise.

Keeping their belongings nice and neat will never be an easy task for them, but with your help, they can do it. It takes repetition, patience, and love from you, so your child can grow comfortably with the idea that you are helping them to realize. The ultimate way of helping your child to organize their things is by spending more time with them and spending half as much on their material toys. Happiness can’t found on a thing; it’s something found within. Cherish your children every day and help them realize that they are the captain of their ships. PS: They’ll thank you, later for raising them well! Good luck, mommies!

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